Tips for Obtaining the K1 and K3 Visas from the United States

Acquiring a U.S. visa can be quite a tedious task, especially if you are looking to get the visa for your fiancé or spouse who is not a United States citizen. Therefore, if you are looking to marry a person from another country and bring him/her to the U.S. then you must make appropriate arrangements for acquiring a K1 visa. Similarly, the K3 visa is needed for your spouse who is a citizen of another country and wishes to reside with you in the U.S. Here, take a look at some of the important points that you need to remember when it comes to obtaining K1 and K3 visas.
Requirements for K1 visa
The K1 visa allows a citizen of another country to enter the United States in order to marry a citizen of the country. However, in order to help your fiancé acquire this visa, you must fulfill certain requirements such as:
• You should be a citizen of the United States
• You as well as your fiancé should both have complete freedom to marry legally.
• You both intend to marry each other within ninety days of her/his arrival within the U.S.
• You and your fiancé should have met each other personally in the previous 2 years.
Procedure of Application for K1 Visa
In order to acquire the K1 visa, you need to file a petition at the USCIS center. The moment you get an approval for your petition, the same will be submitted with the National Visa Center, which in turn will check the background details of your fiancé. Once the details have been thoroughly checked by the NVC, it will forward the petition to the Consulate, which will make appropriate arrangements for a visa interview. When your fiancé clears the interview, he/she will be provided with the K1 visa, following which you both will have ninety days to marry each other.
K3 Visa Requirements
If a U.S. citizen chooses to marry a non-U.S. citizen then he/she will have to ensure that they obtain a spouse visa for their wife/husband. For this, you will have to file a Spousal petition in the United Sates. However, once the K3 visa has been approved, your spouse can continue to stay as a non-immigrant within the United States. Following makes a person eligible for the K3 visa:
• Your spouse should have married a United States citizen.
• Your spouse must file a pending petition for immigration, which names your wife as the beneficiary on the file at the USCIS.
• Your marriage with each other should be valid and should not be subjected to any sort of impediment.
What Happens After Acquiring Visa?
Once your spouse has obtained the K3 visa, your spouse as well as her unmarried kids can come to the United States and continue to live within the country for two years. It is around this time that the USCIS will give approval to your petition for immigration and can later put an application for adjustment of status in order to acquire a permanent and legal citizenship from the U.S.

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