March 3, 2014


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 Testimonials: what our clients say about our services- testimonials by real  people, just like you!!


After only 7 months I am thrilled to say that my husband’s CR1 Visa was approved and I am 100% pleased with the work that was done by this company! I was very nervous starting the journey to bring my husband to the states but I mostly communicated with one lady in particular, Cynthia, who is so patient, so kind but most of all knowledgeable and professional in the entire process. All of our forms were completed quickly and in a very professional manner and were quickly reviewed and accepted during each phase in this process. All suggested supporting documentation was exactly what we needed to have and when my husband got to his interview, he was well prepared. There were many times along the way that I became worried not really knowing what to expect and I’d email Cynthia just to ask questions and she’d always reply in a very timely fashion with the answers that I needed and if I requested a phone call, she’d call that same day. I know for many, this process can take a very long time but by God’s grace and the professionalism and preparation of our paperwork by this company we are finished and only waiting for my husband to pick up his visa next Friday so that he can travel to the US. If you are starting this journey and you want professional affordable help, I highly recommend K1K3 VISAS. Satisfied customer, Mariama Akano, Nigeria

I sought the help of one of the best Immigration Lawyers to petition my husband, but it only brought me frustration. First of all, the process took long and it was so difficult to contact them. I spoke more to the receptionist than to the lawyer that I hired. Second, when I did speak to the lawyer, there wasn’t any sign of emotion. It was straight to business. There was no, “hi, how are you?” He was not exactly friendly. Third, it stated that they can get visas approved 100% of the time, but mine was denied. Fifth, when the visa was denied, the lawyer didn’t even say, “I’m sorry your petition was denied,” or “Let’s discuss what went wrong and maybe start another one.” Sixth, yes they were willing to help, BUT I was told that I had to pay another set of fees ($1800).    I was so upset that I decided not to do business with them again.  I did an internet search and came across an Immigration Docs Company. I called the office and Cynthia was the person I spoke with. I inquired about their services and explained to her all that had happened to my previous petition. From the beginning to the end, Cynthia was there for me. I was able to contact her through phone, email, etc. without any hassle whatsoever. I wanted to keep in contact every step of the way and she made the process very smooth. There are times when I would be frustrated and sad from waiting and I would call her to talk and she was there to listen to me and give me hope. For that, Cynthia, I thank you so much. I thank you and Immigration Docs for helping me get through this petition process and I am so happy that my husband was approved and received his visa. We will finally be together.
Immigration Docs is the place to go if you plan on petitioning a loved one. You will not be sorry and you won’t have to go through lawyer problems the way I did. I waited more than a year with the Immigration Lawyers only to find out that I was denied. With Immigration Docs, it took less than 8 months and the petition was approved. Thank you. Thank you so much. Cynthia, you’re great!
A. Dantes, Husband from the Philippines


Dear Cynthia,
Visa obtained today in Guangzhou with no problems at all, so we are happy and grateful. We will contact you on return to US next week re adjustment of status. I’m glad to say (for quotation) how much I appreciated your expertise and assistance. You helped us every step of the way. All your advice was accurate and helpful, and your service always prompt and courteous. All documents your firm prepared were accepted by the US consulate immediately. As an attorney, I always appreciate professional skill and I think your reasonable prices and expertise are the best in this field.
Best regards,
David C. Attorney Wife from China


I was personally hesitant about working with Immigration Docs, Inc. (IDI) when I first found their website, but after reading the testimonials on the site, I decided to go for it. Not to mention, the prices were very attractive and I was not able to afford a lawyer. Here I am one year later writing my own testimonial. I would highly recommend IDI to anyone seeking professional, courteous, reliable assistance in bringing their loved one to the U.S. My husband lives in Pakistan and our families arranged our marriage. Over the course of three years, we got to know one another by phone, email, and instant messaging/webcam. Three years ago, I started the visa process on my own without the help of Immigration Docs. It was a long and tough process that ended in my case being denied two years later. At the beginning of the third year, I decided to get help and that is when I found IDI. Cynthia and her staff were very helpful in answering questions, preparing paperwork, and compiling data. The journey is long, don’t go through it alone – call Cynthia today!
Grateful Client – Arlington, Virginia


Rarely do you find a company that does such a great job that you want to tell everyone about it. I found that in Immigration Docs. I met a wonderful man who happens to live many miles away and in another country. I was so overwhelmed with all the paperwork and not knowing where to start that I looked for a company that would help me with the difficult task ahead of me. ‘ I have never been so impressed in a company as I was with Immigration Docs. Cynthia was the best ever! She was quick to return my calls or email I am not sure if she ever sleeps, she never made me feel bad for asking many questions and I truly feel she was understanding the pain in my heart from our separation. If you are looking to bring a love one here I highly recommend this company to make your journey much easier. Thank you Cynthia for all your wonderful help and understanding.
Gail Haller Fiance from Morocco


Hi Cynthia. The process is complete. Roxana got the adjustment of status, work permit and permission to go back to her country for a year. We didn’t have to go to an interview they just approved her without one. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for your help and assistance in this process. You have been nothing but kind and on point with how you handled our case. Thank you! I’ll be in-touch.
Burgess-Garnica Roxana is from Chile


 Cynthia has been an angel in disguise throughout my K1 process. Her efficiency is irreproachable. She has been both assuring and patient. It is a Godsend to receive the services of a person who offers nothing but devotion and success to the visa process. As you know, government filing can be jarring and frustrating when away from loved ones. Yet when assisted by Cynthia, I felt that everything would work out fine. It is clear that Cynthia has a natural inclination for bringing loved ones together. I’m happy that she is sustaining this passion by working with couples and families who are thousands of miles apart with the daunting visa process. My fiancee was incredibly impressed with her professionalism and as well as her expeditious responses. Whether she was driving on the freeway, on her way to work, or even at home Cynthia answered us. She reassured us. And she offered all of the help that her services could give. May your business, health and joys continue to prosper.
 Arlene Elizabeth and Michael From Paris



I would like to tell you about my experience with your company. From the very first phone call, Cynthia McQuowen has been nothing but professional about my petition for a K-1 visa. I have received updates in the mail from the Vermont Service Center in a timely manner and Cynthia has always been there when I had a question. She returned phone calls promptly and has provided the services as advertised. I am difficult to please, but Cynthia is a tireless employee that never failed in what she promised. I am excited about my future with my new fiancee and we are almost finished with the process. Your company provides a valuable service and I would not hesitate in recommending you to any of my family or friends. Again, thank you for your service.  James A. Schaub Wife from Mexico


I want to say a loud and joyful THANK YOU!!! to you and your staff for all your assistance with this tedious and anxiety producing process called immigration. How happy I am to inform you that my beautiful fiancee is now my wife. To say the least, we have been vacationing, honeymooning and enjoying life together since she arrived from India.   Satisfied Client


We are now waiting for her work authorization approval. Hopefully Chisako can begin to practicing nursing in the very near future. Again, thank you and your staff very much from the bottom of my heart. Rest assure that if I come across anyone needing your services, I will be sure to refer them to your office.      Raul and Chisako DunMoodie Chisako is from Japan


To start with I highly recommend this company to anyone needing this type of service.I want you to know I have never been treated so well in all my life by a company. The prices of all the services I used and will continue to use are very fair. I’m not rich and I have been able to pay very easily. I want you to know when I got back from Ukraine. I needed a lawyer so I thought. I sent out five emails to lawyers on a Sunday and one email to k1k3 visas to my surprise I received a reply on Sunday by a person named Cynthia McQuowen I have never met this person in my life but over the next few months I have grown to love this lady and this company. She has made this process very delightful. I have bugged her at all hours she has been the most professional person I have dealt with.and has always answered all my questions and never has left me hanging and wondering and most important has always been truthful as for example I asked a couple of lawyers how long would it take to get a visa they told me two months.
I didn’t go with them only because the price was more than what I could pay this is why I am glad I went with k1k3 visas and to my surprise it took longer than two months and I asked Cynthia straight up to tell me how long, it was longer than two months she never lied and I would be proud to own a company of this caliber and the staff I know for a fact that if there was a promotion ladder Cynthia McQuowen would be at the top I want all who read this letter to know that this is the company to go with very very helpful and truthful which to me in a time of a trying period you don’t want to be lied to and I never was only the truth from this company and I want people to know time frames for visas doesn’t depend on the company you go with it depends on much much more so be patient and all things come together and before you know it it will happen everything has happened as this company has told me it would thank you very very much.  John Garland Wife from Ukraine


If you are looking for incredible customer service, a knowledgeable staff, guaranteed satisfaction, and an unbelievably fast processing time, look no further – K1K3 Visas is your solution. Cynthia and her crew were always here to help me with my many questions and concerns – and the response time was hours if not minutes. Do not try and complete the forms yourself – I promise you will miss something that will slow down the process – been there, done that. It is obvious to me that K1K3 Visas and Cynthia in particular are primarily concerned with getting your loved ones to the United States – they patiently walk you though every process and make a task that would be terribly frustrating to do alone relatively painless. In my opinion they provide superior service to an attorney that would cost you five times as much. My K1 visa was approved in 2 months – you simply can not do any better than that. In closing, I highly recommend K1K3 Visas with NO hesitation whatsoever. Ask Cynthia for my email if you would like to discuss my experience further.
Dr. James Z. Fiancee from Vietnam


When I first found out about this site during an internet search, I must admit I was skeptical. I was hesitant about doing this sort of thing online, being such a sensitive issue and all the talk of fraud and theft on the internet made me feel uneasy. After mulling the issue for a few weeks, I finally decided to take the plunge. All my fears were put to rest right from the start. From the first phone conversation I had with Cynthia, I felt relaxed and ready to go through the maze of getting a visa for my fiancée. Both of us bombarded her with questions through email and telephone; each and every time she was more than happy to assist us with the utmost patience and care. The rates were very reasonable compared to the expensive and sometimes outrageous prices some people are offering. I’m truly glad I made this decision and it was a great experience overall. I highly recommend this site to anyone wishing to obtain a visa for the person they care about or in my case, my future bride to be.    Arya Farmanara Fiancee from Turkey


Cynthia has been working very hard for Tasleem and I and has been there for us every step of the way, always answering our emails very quickly and making us feel like a friend and not just another stranger with an immigration issue. I often wonder now why anyone would ever try to get a visa for their fiancee any other way than through Immigration Doc’s. I talk very highly about this wonderful company and Cynthia in particular to everyone I meet and it seems these days there is always someone needing these kinds of service’s.
Tasleem and I will never be able to thank Immigration Doc’s. or Cynthia enough for all the help and support they have given us throughout our wait. It is so wonderful to work with people that actually understand and have genuine compassion about what we are going through. I feel that what we can do to express exactly how much we appreciate their efforts is to do exactly what they ask us to do to make sure everything is in order for the visa interview so everything runs as smoothly as possible with no setbacks or delays.
It has been a great pleasure to meet and work with Immigration Doc’s and Cynthia and I truly believe they have changed mine and Tasleem’s lives forever.    
Debbie Fisher, Anchorage Alaska, Tasleem is from Africa


 To whomever it may concern,
Since having solicited help from I have received prompt and friendly service. The information given me has been accurate and I am happy to say my wife will have her visa interview within the next few months. The visa specialist responsible for my case, Cynthia McQuowen, has been a tremendous help during this process. Thank you for your affordable service of helping bring people together.    Kris Ramonda Fiancee from Poland


My name is Vivian Lince and I want to share my experience after hiring Immigration Docs to help me file a Petition for my Fiancé’s Visa. I would like to start by thanking God for helping me to find this website online at a moment where I was completely disoriented about what to do to be reunited with my love. Since the beginning I’ve been dealing with Cynthia McQuowen. She is so sweet, kind, professional and a great human being. She always answers my emails and my phone calls and she is always there to help me with any of my doubts and worries. I know that I have something in common with every person contacting Immigration Docs: we all want to be with our love ones, we all want our dreams come true and have a beautiful life in this country with that special someone.
Cynthia is great and I’ll never be thankful enough to Immigration Docs!!    Vivian Lince Sunrise, FL Fiance from Lithuania


The work Immigration Docs did for me was fantastic. Cynthia was a great help and was full of information. My calls were always returned as well as emails even on weekends. It was well worth the money I paid for their services. The interview & medical went smooth and the visa was issued. I believe it is due to Immigration Docs that everything that was needed was there and my fiancée was well prepared for the interview. I recommend this company to anyone that doesn’t want to be alone in the process and wants things done right and trouble free.   J. Craig


Immigration Docs, Cynthia Mc Quowen has been a tremendous help, even easing my fears of this sometimes crazy process. Cynthia along with the help of your always professional staff have made the long ordeal so far very trouble free. Thank you so much for the help along the long route to visa land! I hope to have my lovely gal home in time for the holidays, but one can never count on the absolute in these situations. I would not hesitate in a moment your company’s services to anyone that needs this kind of assistance.      PJ California Wife from Cyprus


 This is a highly recommended service regarding K1 visas. Going with lawyer’s services can be quite expensive. This agency rates are not only satisfactory but the level of service is very remarkable and prompt. Cynthia has been the greatest in helping answer any questions I had regarding filling out the paper. They make it easy and effortless. It took 1 year total from filling out my K1 visa paperwork for my fiancé in Brazil to when my husband got his green card. I want to thank Cynthia for all that she has done.    Voinica Placides Fiancee from Brazil


Hello everyone I am Mark Soler, and I am pleased to say that Immigration Docs. are superb in their effort to obtain your visa in whichever route you choose to take. Either between the K-1 or K3 visa! they put extra effort in getting your case approved! And to top it all they guarantee if you’re case isn’t approved your money is refunded back! what do you have to loose? absolutely nothing. My fiancee Cynthia has already recieved approval confirmation from the U.S. Counsulate and her visa has been approved! We will be getting married soon!:). I am so happy to have found K1K3 visas!. Wife from Canada


We are grateful for all you did for us as we went through the process of getting married. Eva and Joseph Rickman are now married and living in Phoenix – Arizona.
May God bless your work.
Eva and Joseph Eva is from Kenya


Dear Cynthia, My husband and I would like to thank you so much for all your help and knowledge! I was issued my interview date in Montreal, Canada at the beginning of June. All of our hard work and effort was riding on this moment. After a long wait, my name was finally called and after a few brief questions (and literally 4 mins) I was granted my visa! My trip into the US was pretty easy as well (other than the computers were down and I almost missed my flight!), but I spent less than 5 mins with the Immigration officer, while other people were there for hours. My husband and I are looking forward to starting this chapter of our lives and we owe it to Cynthia and Immigration Doc Inc. Thank you again for everything – you are a real blessing.      K. Fonseka – K1 Fiancee Visa Processing – K3 Spousal Visa Processing for US ImmigrationI would like to take this opportunity to express the wholesome effect that Cynthia McQuowen has had on my experience with her knowledge of the fiancée & spousal visa process. She has been very helpful, when I called to find out different aspects of this new adventure for myself and my new wife. Cynthia has been very professional in everyway. She is an asset to you your company.  
Thomas Balfe, wife from Vietnam


I’d like to thank K1K3 visas for their outstanding professional work which they did on my fiancee visa. Cynthia worked with me through the whole process, and understands the emotions invested in something like a fiancee visa. Not only did they do an excellent job on assisting me with filling out the complex government forms, but they were there every step of the way to answer every question and curiosity almost instantly. All this for a very modest price which was worth every penny! Jasmin and I have been so nervous about getting the visa in a timely fashion, but Cynthia’s work helped us get the visa quickly and put our minds at ease. When it comes to two people who are engaged and separated by an ocean, it’s hard to really describe how much this kind of service means to Jasmin and I. Thanks again!


Hello Cynthia!
I wanted to thank you and your team once again for all the help and expertise in getting my fiancé her visa. We were already happy about how fast everything progressed all the way to the packet getting mailed to the embassy. Upon attending the interview, our paperwork that you told us to prepare was all that was needed. The consular looked through a few items, asked a few simple questions, then gave a joyous “ok, you’re approved”. She added that it was nice to see such preparation. It made it easier for her to make her positive decision, and most importantly, kept her in a good mood. I heard the more complications they encounter, the worse their moods get. Which lead to more questions, and potential denials. We were just so fortunate that we had you on our side. Everything you guided us with went as smooth as can be. She ended up flying back with me on the same flight to the US. Even her entry at LAX was flawless. This was all because of your team’s superb handling of our case.
We will be getting married in a few weeks, then we’ll ready for her AOS. I have a friend that is now in the same situation as I was a few months ago. I assured him that all will go well with getting his loved one here as long he hires your company. He was amazed as well at how quick and smooth everything went for us. He came to the Philippines and experienced most of all that we experienced at the embassy. I told him to take a good look for this is what he will be going through months from now. But he feels confident knowing that having you help him will make everything much easier. Thanks for everything! Hopefully my fiancé’s AOS will be as smooth as everything else we’ve been through……..
Talk to you soon Cynthia!
Edmund Reyes


To Whom it May Concern,
It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Immigration Docs for visa services. I looked at 4 dozen different company’s, including many attorneys. I made numerous phone calls & asked many questions. It came down to Cynthia & one attorney. Both were knowledgeable & professional (I was surprised that so many that I talked to weren’t!), but Cynthia won hands down because of her quick return of both phone calls & emails… this attention to communication was very important to me & my wife; after all, when you are working with someone long distance what other gage of service do you have? Thank you again for everything!    
Jim & Lilet Lynch Juliet is from the Philippines


Just wanted to thank you and Immigration Doc, Inc for all your hard work preparing the documents for Falen.
She is now getting comfortable in the US, with her “green” card and Social Security card as well as a job … working PT at a local grocery chain … working at the salad bar. She is enjoying it, as she works around 24 hours a week leaving her time to put the house “in order after husband makes it messy” hehehe It also breaks up what would otherwise be a very boring existence at home. Again, thank you for your help and your support.
I would recommend your services to anyone trying to bring a fiancee or spouse over from another country. You and your company were a God send to us.    
Micheal & Falensia Larimer Falensia is from the Philippines

 The services that I have received from “K1K3 VISAS.COM” and Cynthia McQuowen have been outstanding! I was skeptical at first when I learned of your company and was worried that my money would be wasted on a firm that was not close to my home town. As it turns out I think I received more than my moneys worth. Cynthia has been very helpful with all my questions and has answered me with prompt and honest replys to the same question more than once! The reason I was skeptical is because of the way I was treated by a visa attorney here in Louisville KY.    Your company has managed to do in three months what my other attorney couldn’t do in eight at one third the cost!!! As you can imagine I think I was ripped off and took advantage of the first time around! The delays and lack of communication between me and the old attorney made both me and my fiancee worried and aprehensive of what was actually happening.    Your company has renewed my confidence in the system here in the U.S. I will recommend your company everytime when somebody asks “Who took care of your K1 visa for you?” Though the visa process in my mind is not complete untill my fiancee steps on American soil I am confident that you will help us without hesitation until it is finished.    Kent F. Peed Wife from Russia


I’m writing to thank your agency in all the help I received in getting a fiancé visa. I personally would love to thank Cynthia for all her help. Anytime I needed a question answered, she was there for me, either by phone or email. All the paper work I needed was there for me with super instructions on what I needed.
The process was much faster with using your agency and on Nov. 24, 2006 my fiancé Monalisa arrived in New York from the Philippines. We will be getting married soon and enjoying our life together. I highly recommend your agency to who ever will pursue a k1 visa. I could not be more pleased with your service you gave me.
Thanks again from the both of us.
Gregg and Monalisa, New York Monalisa is from the Philippines


Hello Cynthia. I just wanted to say how amazed I am at how quickly and effectively your team works. I was so pleasantly surprised when I found out from my Fiancé(who had been checking the USCIS website for updates everyday) that we had been approved already. Your total and complete professionalism had certainly helped in getting our petition processed so fast. We know of other couples that submitted even before us and still haven’t received an approval. I’m very lucky to have found you in the sea of representatives and attorneys that advertise to get the fastest results but you are actually good for your word. And the added bonus was your very reasonable price for your services. The other companies had such astronomical quotes and even went so far as to make companies like yours appear to be under qualified to get fast results. Well you definitely proved them to be liars. We are now looking forward to getting to the interview stage, and hopefully everything works just as smooth and quick as it was in the USCIS approval stage. You have been the blessing we have needed in this very tough time in our lives and feel confident that all will be completed soon so we can finally be together again. We thank you and your team so much for your excellent effort and services. And we look forward to your assistance in her eventual adjustment of status. Take Care………And Happy Holidays!
Frank Gross Fiancee from Peru


My name is Dhruvi Solanki, and my case was regarding my Fiancé’s K visa. Cynthia was very helpful and I am very pleased with her service. She did an awesome job, and she provided the right advice. I am glad that I chose Immigration Docs.In future if I need any advice I will definitely contact her. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome.    Dhruvi Solanki


I would like to share with you my experience with Immigration Docs. Let me first say that I am most pleased by the service Immigration Docs has offered me, and I am delighted with the results. In today’s slang: Mission Accomplished. I met a man via the internet through a personals add. I shied away from communications with this man in the beginning due to his location, Pakistan. It would seem impossible for anything to really become of this as I reside in the USA. As time went on, I became more drawn to this person, and actually begun to know him far better than any man here I have dated after many many months. Perhaps when all you can do is write the pretenses are not there and you can honestly be yourself. You can turn the emails and instant messages off anytime you desire. After long written communications, there were phone calls, then web cams, cards in the mail. I found myself praying and asking God to guide me in my affections and the strings that tugged at my heart. I knew I had to meet this man.
I began a search on the internet to see exactly what I would need to do to travel to Pakistan to meet this man. It seemed simple enough, a passport, immunizations and a visa. Then I began to wonder would it be just as easy for him to come to the USA. Not so easy I learned. I soon realized this would take more than I was capable of doing. I had not doubts that I must meet this man so I began all preparations to travel to Pakistan. I somehow knew in my heart that once I met this man I would not be able to come home alone or live without him. My heart was right. Prior to my departure to Pakistan in I found a web site on the internet for Immigration Docs.

I saw many other web sites that offered the same service, but to be honest I had already put our a lot of money for my travel to Pakistan. I contacted Immigration Docs and learn of your very affordable fee. The thing I was most impressed with was the guaranteed that if no visa was granted for my intended, money was refundable. Was I dreaming????? All of this seemed so unreal to me, here I was going to travel half way around the world and now I am asking how to bring this man home with me. I contracted with Immigration Docs to help me obtain a visa for my Fiance . Little did I know that when I went to Pakistan fully prepared to marry this man. I actually did marry him and God has blessed us so very much. Upon my return to the USA I contacted my Case Manager ( name withheld due to privacy) and advised her not only did I go and meet this man, but we were married. She seemed so very excited for me.
This is when the work began. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for having the Case Manager I did. I would email her, call her, leave voice messages for her and she very promptly returned all. She was so very knowledgeable in the paperwork that need to be completed and file. I would never have know even where to begin. Paperwork that was required and I had no clue how to get, she had all the answers. She was not only doing her job, but in my opinion she took a very personal interest in myself and my husband. I have not doubt in my mind that she made this possible. I would still be working at this without her expertise and guidance. My husband and I will always be thankful for her service. We both also feel we have made a bond with someone whom we have never met. We received notified of my husband’s approval for his visa from Homeland Security. It has been a long process and it is still not final yet. But, I do know this, my Case Manager has made it all happen. We are in the final stages now .
To this day, my Case manager still helps me and guides me. If nothing more that give me moral support and just a friendly email to say hello! I am making one more trip to Pakistan come late August and I know if he does not return with me,he will soon follow. My husband has but one wish when he comes to the USA..To meet our Case Manager and have his first American Hamburger and Fries with her, I told him perhaps we can do this. She will probably never know what a much better and wonderful life this man will have here in our country. God bless you all that provide this service. You will never know what a valuable service you provided. What you have provided me has changed my whole life and I have never been happier. What was once just a dream and a hope is now reality. It takes my breathe away every time I just think back on what has transpired in the past year or so. I will be forever grateful.  Again, thank you and may God bless you always.
I remain Very Truly Yours,
Marion Napper Husband from Pakistan


I am writing to express my gratitude and satisfaction with K1K3 Visas, and the services of Cynthia Mcquowen. Cynthia made this otherwise time consuming, complicated, and confusing process seem simple and FAST! She eased all the confusion and anxiety that I was experiencing by being very realistic and honest in providing information about the steps involved in the process, expected time frame, and most important of all: Her confidence! Her confidence in her work and the petition process procedure is what really helped me stay positive and confident as well. I am overjoyed to say that the entire process from the time of first filing my Fiance, Sargis’s petition to the day that he was actually issued his Visa, took exactly 6 months. I think that is phenominal, compared to all the “horror” stories I have read and heard about! Thanks to K1K3 Visa and Cynthia, I am going to be reunited with Sargis in two weeks! Sargis and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts and look forward in working with you again, as Sargis and I get ready for the next phase of paperwork and processing.    Elvina Alaverdian Sargis is from Moldovia


I’m currently trying to process my fiancé’s paper work for her to stay with me in Hawaii. The person representing us is Cynthia McQuowen who is doing a great job answering all of my questions thoroughly and keeping us informed of the process and forms needed. I’m sure all of your employees are just as dedicated and I would like to show my appreciation by saying thanks. Keep up the good work.We would like to thank you for your dedicated care in our process of the K1 visa.
We were really concerned in the beginning, we heard a lot of stories about couples whom had tried to obtain a visa and got lost in the middle of the process and they just got tired of waiting and became so frustrated, that in many cases they even loose their relationship!
We decided to start the process in August of the last year; the truth is that we thought that if we were lucky we may have a response from the U.S immigration center for the middle of January. (This is the first step.) Well, actually we got this response in November, by January my fiancée had been issued her visa and by February she was already here joining me in Los Angeles!!    K1K3visas made it so much easier for us, we did not have to deal with all the horrible paper work; everything was simple and fast, exactly as Cynthia had promised us; she was always there when we needed her, if we sent her an email we got always her answer in less than 24 hours.    Now we are so happy living together, its a dream come true and big part is thanks to Cynthia; we can not be more grateful!!
We highly recommend to all those couples that are in the same situation as we were to trust the K1K3 visas team, they won’t find better hands to put their dreams in than the people at Immigration Docs. It will make life so much easier for them knowing that someone responsible and who has all the experience is doing the hard work for them.    Thanks K1K3visas for everything!!!!!
Oded Rokach and Eliana Uribe


Dear Cynthia,
I would like to thank you for your service. When I started the K1 Visa process, I was overwhelmed with all the information that I researched. I even contacted some immigration lawyers to see if they could clarify the information that I had researched. Although they were helpful, their services were expensive. I finally found your service on the internet and called the toll free number. I spoke with Cynthia about my situation, and found her to be very helpful. After speaking with her, I decided to contract your service. Cynthia was very helpful through the whole petition process. She was very patient with all my questions, and answered all my emails promptly. My I-129F has been approved. Thanks again for your service.
Michael Carroll Fiancee from China


Hello Cynthia, I would like to thank you for your service to me in procuring a K-1 visa for my fiancée. My experience through your service has been fantastic and your advice and help has been great. I would advise anyone looking for help to avoid the expense of lawyers and proceed directly to you and your services.  Sincerely,Bruce McKelvy



My name is Fred C. “Corky” Goldsmith, Jr. and I am writing this letter to you to express my deepest appreciation for one of your employees, Ms. Cynthia McQuowen…
Back in 2005, I was searching the Internet for that special someone and I found her to be living in Ukraine… Just before I left for Ukraine in June, 2005, I searched for a trustworthy and reliable company to help me and to guide me through the bureaucratic maze of all that red tape created by the US Government in bringing a fiancée over here from abroad….  I found your website and after serious thoughts and personal feelings from my heart, I decided on your company and soon afterwards, I was placed in contact with Cynthia…  For the past eight or nine months since I hired your company, Cynthia has been not only very instrumental in helping me to bring Lana Biryukova over here, but she has displayed many wonderful acts of encouragement, assistance, and especially patience with me… You see, I have a hearing impairment but Cynthia showed so much wonderful patience in communicating with me that I was very surprised and very pleased with her sincere efforts…  She has graciously guided Lana and me through all this maze of bureaucratic red tape and I want her to be recognized for her sincere efforts on our behalf…
Cynthia is one special lady… I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone and please feel absolutely free to use my name and this letter as both a reference and recommendation in my testimonial about your wonderful services, especially when it comes to Cynthia McQuowen.
Thank you for all you have done for both Lana and myself.
Mostly Sincerely Yours,
Corky Goldsmith Lana is from Ukraine



My name is Arash Waters and I’m sending this email to thank Cynthia for her help. I think your service is very good and makes the process much easier for the customers. It is the same as hiring an attorney except its much cheaper.
To Whom It May Concern, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the services provided to my husband Kreshnik in regards to him successfully getting his spousal Visa approved. Cynthia has been extremely helpful, professional, and courteous to me. My husband would have never received his Visa in a timely manner if it were not for the help and guidance of Cynthia at K1K3 Visas. My husband will be here next week and we are overwhelmed with happiness that we will finally be reunited and together here in the U.S. to begin our new life together. Thank You so much for all of your help and support!
Sincerely and with much gratitude,
Tonya Gavazaj Kreshnik is from Romania


Immigration Docs, has helped me greatly through this difficult time of being away from my fiancé. Cynthia was very helpful whenever I contacted her with questions or concerns about my case. Thank you for all of your help and thanks to you I still have faith and I am looking forward to the day when I see my fiancé again.
Thank you again,
Jessica F.


I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the fine job that your organization has done for my Fiancée and me.10 Months ago I contacted Immigrations Docs Inc. and inquired about the process and the timing for obtaining a K1 Visa for my Chinese Fiancée. Cynthia, the individual assigned to my case was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the process as I started down the path of bringing my Fiancée home to Atlanta, Ga. The thing I appreciated the most was the open and up front honesty in which she explained the process and the estimated length of time in accomplishing this goal. Your organization set my expectations on the length of time it would take to complete the process and even though the process has been long and tenuous at times, I never felt as if I was going through it alone. Cynthia always knew where our case was at and if she didn’t have the answers I was looking for she found them quickly and accurately.I cannot express my thanks enough for assisting me in this. The fee spent for your organizations services was well worth it and I would endorse your organization to anyone looking to be united with their loved ones from a foreign land! Thank you again, from both of us, our Visa interview date is set for January 17th, and we hope to be home shortly there after.
Kindest Regards,
Kurt Keeping Fiancee from China


I would like to thank you the staff of k1k3 visas especially to Cynthia. Cynthia was very polite and thoughtful to help me process my K1 fiancée visa from the start to the finish. I am so glad and very satisfied customer with the service that you have provided. Now that all my documents are all completed, I am just waiting for my fiancée to arrive. I will definitely recommend your service to the people I know. Cynthia thank you so much for all your help.
Richard DeVera Fiancee from Colombia


I have wonderful news, Daisy’s visa has been issued and will be delivered by next week , I’m so excited and happy I just wanted to thank all of you there at K1K3 visa service because I know it would have been 10 times more difficult without your help . Your services have brought two lives together and created a happiness that I will be grateful for all of my life , I will definitely recommend your services to others and once again thank you so much.
Michael and Daisy Garner Daisy is from Indonesia


I really appreciate your service very much. I do thank you greatly for what you have done. I can’t thank you enough. Sincerely, Tina Jarvis New YorkHello, my name is Anthony Troffa, I have applied for a Fiancée visa for my fiancée and her child through your agency and have been dealing with Cynthia from the start of the application, I just wanted to tell you how very easy and comfortable she has made me and my future wife feel throughout this Visa application, she has always been there when I have called your office about any questions, (and believe me I had many, lol ) all the paperwork Cynthia sent to me was so very easy to understand, and very neat, she is a wonderful person, and your agency should be proud to have her as an employee. I wish that everyone that I have ever dealt with, was as sincere and efficient as her, if that were so, this world would be a much better place. I am going to refer your agency to everyone I know who is interested in applying for a visa as we are, and I can’t say enough about the satisfaction I have had so far, once again, thanks for all your help.
Anthony Troffa Fiancee from Italy


I met my fiancée when I was volunteering abroad last summer. After working closely day after day, we got to know each other and fall for each other in a way that I thought did not exist. We spent a few blissful months together and we joked about marriage until one day it stopped being a joke. We started to picture a future together and we fell in love with the idea as well as each other. We did our research and we found the option of the fiancée visa. When I returned to the U.S., I researched K1K3 and quickly called for information on how to bring my fiancée ASAP. Cynthia was helpful from day one by making it seem that it was not an impossible task that I was hoping to accomplish. It has been extremely difficult to be away from my fiancée but with the help of K1K3, I am expecting and hoping that my fiancée will be here in the U.S. with me in the next two months. K1K3 made the paperwork process very manageable and bearable during this stressful time. My favorite thing about this process with K1K3 has been how promptly Cynthia gets back to you on any question that you may have. As I have told Cynthia many times before, thank you for everything during this stressful and most important time in my life.
J., California


First of all, we would like to thank God for helping us find this site,, and would like to thank all the staff members especially Cynthia for all the help and support that she had provided to us. The reason we chose is because they were ready to help us right away with the k3 visa, we had spoken to many attorneys and either they were too expensive or didn’t have the time to help us. Not only that, they didn’t even give us a guarantee for the approval. And what lawyers do by filling out the papers for you is nothing more. They can’t even try to expedite your case and they give you longer estimated time for processing. We have chosen because we were treated with full respect, they answered all our questions and they were very clear to us. Thank God the time went fast. We would like to thank Cynthia for all the help and support.Thank you,
Amin & Esther S Esther is from Jordan


A letter of Thanks! I flew to Russia, While in Russia I married a lady I met on a computer Christian dating service. My wife’s name is Larissa and both of us are extremely happy. We both know that the Lord Jesus Christ brought us together! After our marriage, we called the U.S. Embassy in Russia. They did not want anything to do with our situation. The embassy told us that I would have to fly back to my home town and start the immigration process. The embassy also told me that the process would take some time. My wife and I were very upset. We both felt that God brought us together and that this was not right. We were both very disappointed; I flew back to Sparks, Nevada, by myself the very next day.
I started looking into the immigration process, not knowing who to turn to or where to go. I started calling attorneys; this did not go well at all! The attorneys were either not in, too busy or never returned my calls or they were too expensive. This was extremely frustrating to me! All I wanted was my wife to be with me! I continued looking in the phone book; I came across Immigration Docs. I called them; I talked with a lady and explained my story. She said “would you like one of our agents to call you”? I said “yes”. Shortly after, Cynthia returned my call. Cynthia was very polite and showed nothing but concern as I told my story. Cynthia was very straight forward and honest with me, while she described the different ways of doing the immigration process. Cynthia sounded to me to really know the immigration process. I also very deeply appreciated her honesty and sincerity. I signed a contract with Immigration Docs.
Cynthia is a very hard worker. She puts in long hours because she enjoys her job and has a big heart for making people happy. Cynthia has helped me in all directions of this process. I can call her anytime, she takes the time to listen and understands the feelings you go through, in dealing with my frustrations, Cynthia was able to comfort me by letting me know the next step and about when that would be. I have come to know Cynthia as a friend and someone that you can depend on! My wife will be with me in a few months and I feel like I owe it all to Cynthia.  Russell Saunier,Sparks, NV Larissa is from Russia


We would like to thank for their help with the whole immigration process. Prior to finding them, we tried investigating the process on our own and realized there are a lot of forms required and the process itself was unclear. When we called an immigration lawyer for clarity and help, they were going to charge us $4000! Luckily we found which handled the process professionally, and for a fraction of the lawyers cost. The documents were sent to us promptly then professionally put together for us to send to the government agencies. It was a relief to have someone’s expertise on the matter in order to prevent document error. So far the approval process has been quick and we’re hoping to finally be together this July! Cynthia’s help has kept our stress levels down throughout this whole government process which gave us the time to plan the actual wedding. We would not advise anyone to attempt this on their own and definitely recommend
Thanks again,
Sharon and Damon! Damon is from Canada


Marriage is a unique moment in two people lives. It is something sacred. Going further into our union with each other, we realized that we needed the assistance and guidance of K1-K3 The K1-K3 agent, responded with confidence and assurance. She made the process easier for us to understand and proceed correctly with obtaining a USA Visa for Simon. All of our questions and concerns were answered. We feel very confident with the results thus far, and appreciate all the assistance of Cynthia. We would recommend your services to any romantically involved couple wanting to proceed in marriage.
Lisa Taggart & Simon Laguë Simon is from the United Kingdom


The greatest thing that happened to myself and my “fiancee” during this magical process of matrimony here in America was allowing Cynthia & Immigration Docs, guide me through the extensive litigation process. When it comes to the love of my life and our future, I knew I was not going to leave that to chance by not properly filling out, handling or filing the paperwork properly. Now, I (the male… one in a few) am planning a wonderful wedding. May 7th will be straight out of a fairy tale for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. There is more to do legally after the wedding and I would not have anyone else see me ALL-THE-WAY through the process. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-T Kelly Fiancee from Germany


I would like to thank Immigration Docs for making the K1 visa process for my fiancee and I go very quickly and without any delays in processing of our k1 visa. Without the help of such professionals at Immigration Docs, we would not have had the success in gathering all necessary paperwork needed to accomplish this huge task. As time went by Immigration Docs kept me informed at every step of the way. The services rendered by Immigration Docs surpass my expectations in everyway. Thank youfor making this process pleasurable.    Jose I Crespo, Miami FL Fiancee from Dominican Republic


K1k3visas made the whole process a lot easier than doing it yourself and a lot cheaper than hiring a lawyer. They were always friendly and helpful.
Dean Rasmussen Fiancee from Vietnam


Dear Cynthia,
Well, Tamara and her daughter got here a couple months ago and I want to thank-you so much for your help. They’re happily adjusting to life in the USA!
Thanks again so much!!    Scott Hayes Fiancee and child from Russia



Dear Cynthia,
I would like to thank you for all of your help and advice thus far. Due to your knowledge and expertise, my petition has been approved already. I submitted the paperwork to USCIS in early November and I received the approval notice about 1 month later. We are now waiting for the paperwork to be shipped to my fiancé’s embassy in Jamaica so he can go for his interview and hopefully be here in the US soon!I cannot thank you enough for help putting my mind at ease and taking away a lot of stress from me and my fiancé. I was a little nervous at first about signing up for your services but after speaking with you on the telephone the very first time and you reassured me that Immigration Docs get the petitions approved and if they aren’t you get a full refund…I felt more confident. I didn’t really have money to pay a lawyer and when I saw your website I was very excited and thought maybe it was too good to be true. I am looking forward to continuing to work with you through this entire process. You always have been honest, helpful and quick answers. I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my fiancé be together forever. Thank you Cynthia and Immigration Docs. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone who may come along that needs them.   Katrina Thomas fiancee from Jamaica


I want to say thanks to Immigration Docs for their help in providing guidance and support for me and my fiance. Cynthia was very helpful and easy to work with and helped arranged all my immigration documents for me and my fiance’s to send to immigration here and helped me through the process until her visa approval in the Ukraine. My fiance will be arriving very soon and reccommend the services of Immigration Docs and plan to continue using their services for future documents that are needed for me and my fiance.    Mark Hibbard Fiancee from Ukraine



When I first started thinking about getting a petition for a visa, I had no idea what I was doing. All the forms and dates and requirements were very confusing to me. Cynthia made all that go away. She explained things simply and easily. She would always answer any question I had no matter how dumb I thought it might be. I thank her for very much for her dedication to those that seek her help and expertise.
David Merril


Cynthia and the rest of the k1k3visa crew. It was late last night when I received the text message “we have it I’m coming the 13th”. It has already been a great journey with Ksenya. We have had a two year relationship. Last January on my 2nd trip to Russia to be with her I asked her to marry me. Upon arriving home, I looked to hire an attorney or service to help with the immigration paper work. Doing my research I found your web page. I couldn’t believe how affordable you offered your k1 help!!    We started filing for our k1 visa in May 2006 after my third trip to Russia. It was a simple process with the guidance of Cynthia. Even when new laws arrived it barely delayed our visa with Cynthia quickly helping us keep on top of the ever changing laws.
Ksenya started her interview at 8:00am Moscow time; she witnessed so many girls and families denied visas because of poor paper work being filled out. She became nervous hoping our trust in would pay off.    It did and in 15 minutes she was approved!!
Its been a trying two years maintaining our long distance relationship. We talk everyday and spent a small fortune in travel cost, phone bills and postage. But the one place that we never felt we over spent was with    Thank you so much for you help. I’m happy that soon I will be with Ksenya daily hearing her, looking on her and feeling her. Your services have been a god sent!!    Bryan Roeder & Ksenya Bronnicova Ksenya is from Russia


I want to let you to know that Cynthia McQuowen has been major help to Hongzhen and I. She has been extremely accommodating on answering any question or concerns that both Hongzhen and I ever had and was very prompt in returning our calls, as well as our emails.
We are extremely grateful that Cynthia was our guide through our visa process. We are pleased we found the right person for the right job the first time around. All of our gratitude and thanks to Cynthia McQuowen for all that she has done for us during this special event in our life.   Thank you for your time and Cynthia’s skills.  

Robert & Hongzhen Nazario Hongzhen is from Thailand


More testimonials from happy, satisfied clients by request.


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