Fiancee Visa Interview Questions

  Who helped you apply for the visa? A1: My fiancée/spouse helped me complete the application. A2: I completed the visa in my language and had it translated to English by a translator. How do you and your fiancée/spouse know each other? If your answer is through   the internet…………which website?  (Know this information) If Read more about Fiancee Visa Interview Questions[…]

Marrying Abroad? 10 Safety Tips To Remember Before You Travel

Traveling to another country to meet that special someone or marry your fiancée is an exciting time; you may not be thinking of how to secure your network or what to watch out for at the internet cafes take a look at the tips I have for you. Contact our office if you would like Read more about Marrying Abroad? 10 Safety Tips To Remember Before You Travel[…]

Same Sex Visa issued in the Philippines

U.S. Service Member and fiancé receive the first same sex fiancée visa!! The U.S. Embassy in the Philippines issued the first same sex fiancé visa on December 2, 2013 to Robert Cotterman and Noel Amara.  Robert Cotterman, a U.S. service member recently returned from Afghanistan.  The two met online about two years ago and plan to Read more about Same Sex Visa issued in the Philippines[…]

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