Fiancee Visa Interview Questions


  1. Who helped you apply for the visa?

A1: My fiancée/spouse helped me complete the application.

A2: I completed the visa in my language and had it translated to English by a translator.

  • How do you and your fiancée/spouse know each other? If your answer is through


the internet…………which website?  (Know this information)

  1. If someone introduced the two of you, do you have a photo of the person who

Introduced you to each other? How do you know him/her?

    1. How long have you known each other?
  • When did you meet? (Note: questions 4 & 5 must be consistent)


    1. Where did you meet? A1: We first met on the internet, we first met in (country)
  • How do you keep in touch? A1: We send emails and letters talk on the telephone.
  • What language do you talk to each other?


A1: We speak in English> My English is good enough for us to communicate well.

A2: We speak English. My English is not very good but we understand each other.

A3: In the beginning my friend (Have photo of friend) helped us by translating so we could communicate.  When we sent emails and letters they also were translated.  We got to know each very well even though we could not speak the same language.

    1. Have you met before this day? A1: Yes we met on month, day & year.
    2. How often have you met? A1: We have met ____ times.
    3. Did he/she come to see you?
    4. How many times has he/she come to see you?
    5. What are the dates of the visits?
    6. If you have met each other only a few times or known each other a short time can you marry him/her even though you don’t know each other that well?
    7. How long did you know him/her before he/she came to the country to meet you?
    8. How long did he/she stay in the country with you?
    9. What sis you do during his/her stay?
    10. If your answer is traveling on questions #17, where did you go?
    11. When was the last time he/she came to visit you? When did he/she leave?
    12. Do you have photos of you two together?
  • (When you take out emails, letters) Why did you decide to print out these letters?


A1: There are so many so I could only print some of the ones I don’t mind other people reading.

    1. When did you decide to marry?
    2. When did you get engaged?
  • When did you get married? (Note: this is a trick question if you are applying for a K1 fiancée visa you can’t already be married.)


  1. What is your fiancée/spouses full name?
  2. Where does your fiancée/spouse come from?
  3. Where does he/she live?
  4. How old is he/she?
  5. Where was he/she born?
  6. What does he/she do for a living?
  7. Where does he/she work?
  8. How much is his/her salary?
  9. Does he/she have any brothers or sisters?
  10. Are his/her parents alive?
  11. What is his/her mother’s name? Where does she come from?
  12. What kind of food does he/she like?
  13. What kind of music does he/she like?
  14. What kind of car does he/she drive?
  15. What is his/her religion?
  16. When did he/she divorce his ex-wife, ex-husband? (If divorced)
  17. What countries have you been to? When did you go there? For how long?
  18. Have you ever been to the U.S.? When? How long? What was your purpose in going there?
  19. What do you do for a living?
  20. Where did you go to school?
  21. What subjects did you study?
  22. Have you been married before?
  23. If married before: What is your ex-husband/ex-wife’s name?
  24. Can you speak English?
  25. What is it you like most about your fiancée/spouse?
  26. Please tell me something about your fiancée.
  27. Why do you want to marry your fiancée?
  28. (if he/she is much older) He/she is much older than you. What do your parents think about this?
  29. You have known each for a short time.       How do you know he is right for you?
  30. Where will you live in the U.S.?
  31. When will you leave (country he/she is in now)?
  32. When will you get married? A1: We will get married with in 90 days of my arrival in the U.S.
  33. Where will you marry? A1: We will get married at the courthouse in the town of ____. A2: We will get married in a church in a church wedding in my fiancée’s town.
  34. Will you have a wedding? A1: No we will get married at the courthouse in my fiancée’s town. A2: We plan to have a traditional wedding in a church.
  35. Do you know you must marry with in 90 days of arriving in the U.S.?
  36. If you can’t marry that what will you do? A1: We will marry but if something stopped us from getting married, I know I must leave the U.S. with in 90 days and return to my country.

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